Energy saving guide

The facility manager’s guide to the energy crisis

How indoor air quality monitoring can help you save energy and money.


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In this guide

Energy shortages and price hikes are affecting businesses around the world, especially those in Europe and the United States. One way you can mitigate the impact of this crisis is to reassess your buildings’ indoor air quality and HVAC systems.

In this guide, find out:

  • Why the energy crisis matters to facility managers and building owners
  • What governments are doing to help
  • How Airthings for Business can help you quickly and effortlessly cut energy costs

Why does this matter?


Buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy


HVAC and lighting can account for up to 64% of a typical office building’s energy consumption


Airthings for Business customers typically save up to 20% on energy costs

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Learn how you can save energy without sacrificing the health and wellbeing of your occupants