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Modernize your work environment through improved indoor air quality data

How the Proptech Bergen team identified and resolved indoor air quality problems with Airthings monitors.


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Discover how healthier air helped attract numerous tenants and cut operational costs

Inside this case study, you'll learn how:

  • Indoor air quality monitors helped Proptech Bergen to strategically improve indoor environmental conditions without having to invest tens of thousands of euros on HVAC visits.
  • Sensor data is used by the facility management companies to improve value and reduce the costs of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Proptech Bergen slashed 20% of energy costs by identifying and addressing the fact that the building was too hot at nights and weekends.

Indoor air quality can be a troublesome issue for office property owners … Airthings for Business is well placed to help


Optimizing use of building spaces according to air quality data helps further justify their role while improving working conditions for everyone.


Improve office life in material – yet affordable – ways.


Workspaces are better positioned to retain tenants – and attract new ones – when indoor air quality can be cited as positive.

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“At first glance, it didn't seem like this unoccupied office space would support tenants without investing in an expensive refurbishment, upfront. Much of the property’s technical equipment was outdated or broken. And bad ventilation potentially posed an even more serious problem. Learn how the Proptech Bergen team turned this situation around by starting with indoor air quality data.”Pål Berntsen VP & GM, Airthings for Business, Airthings

Want office environments that attract more tenants?

Discover how indoor air quality data helped the Proptech Bergen team maximize student performance for an affordable price – even while staff found the product easy to use.