A more proactive solution for your customers

By bringing indoor air quality systems into your HVAC portfolio, you're offering site managers the chance to generate income for their facility, rather than simply react to problems. In a market which has never been more crowded, it’s a decisive advantage.


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How to add IAQ and radon without scaring your prospects

It’s vital that your pitch remains clear and compelling, even with these new technologies added. Our eGuide will explain how to:

  • Highlight the benefits
    Make the case that better air improves worker productivity and provides tangible financial benefits — for both site managers and their tenants.
  • Show the technology
    IAQ and radon detectors are quick and easy to install, thanks to wireless connectivity. It’s a major plus point, no matter who you’re pitching to.
  • Emphasize the efficiencies
    Your prospects may worry about energy efficiency costs, this will help you point out the ways that building managers can optimize the system.

Some stats you can throw in to your pitch...


An investment in staff productivity produces savings 100 times as great as an equivalent investment in energy.


Companies that invest in air quality can realize employee productivity gains of €15,500 per team member, per year.


A single IAQ monitor can cover around 3,500 square feet of open space

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“Air quality monitoring helps to create a better environment for the business by leveraging the air quality within your building -- workers are happier, think more clearly, and make better decisions.”Pål Berntsen, VP & GM Airthings HBS

Ok, we’ve given you the elevator pitch. Now let’s go into more detail.

Our eGuide will provide all the information you need to make the perfect case for IAQ and radon technology.