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Global Indoor Air Quality Systems Report 2021

Benchmarking Future Growth Potential

In a market forecasted to reach more than $11.94 billion globally by 2026, Airthings is positioned as a global leader in indoor air quality systems, according to the global benchmark report by Frost & Sullivan.


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Frost Radar - Indoor Air Quality Systems - Airthings

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  • How the Covid pandemic, new regulatory framework and recent technological advancements are causing the air quality monitoring industry to grow exponentially.
  • How air quality monitors are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to analyze the air, provide tips, and verify air purifier effectiveness.
  • The Frost & Sullivan perspective on Airthings market position.

Source: Focus on Wellness Inside Buildings Powering the Global Indoor Air Quality Systems Market, 2026 (Frost & Sullivan)

Indoor air quality market outlook


estimated global market value in 2026


compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2019


Airthings Growth Index rating in 2020

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“Frost & Sullivan believes that Airthings is transforming the indoor air quality market with product innovation around data-driven analytics to personalize services for residential and non-residential customers.”Frost & Sullivan

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