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How can indoor air quality data reduce energy costs?
April 22nd

Buildings worldwide are temporarily shutting their doors, so why are they still running as normal?


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Now is the time for energy saving

The home office has become the new normal. Schools, kindergartens, gyms, cinemas, restaurants - the list of empty building types goes on. So why are so many of them running as normal?

You need data and insights in order to even begin optimizing energy usage. We are using so much unnecessary energy these days, so we have a very clear opportunity to save costs and the environment. Let us try to grasp that opportunity. 

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Apr 22nd, 2020


Webinar via Cisco Webex


14:00 - 15:00 UTC


Webinar program

20 mins Tommy Hagenes, Business Development Manager
What should we do when the building is not in use? Do we just turn off and hope for the best?
20 mins

Martin McGloin, Product Manager
Continuously monitoring our buildings with sensors allows us to optimize the running of the building and secure a healthy indoor environment simultaneously. Many buildings have now widened their HVAC systems to take radon into account. And today we announce a new radon insight module to our solution to help make sure we don't over-ventilate.

20 mins

Tommy Hagenes and Martin McGloin
Case studies: We share experiences from our USA "roadtrip". How can you make big strides in indoor air quality and energy usage using sensors without it costing an arm and a leg? We'll share details of how others have done it, including Life Chiropractic College West which you can preview in the video below.


Join our webinar to understand:

  • What we should do when buildings are not in use
  • What opportunities data stored in the Cloud can really give
  • How to save on energy costs using indoor air quality monitoring

How can you use indoor air data


Ready to take control over your indoor air?

Discover the opportunities within sensor technologies, indoor air and radon - and how you can use it to save on energy usage.