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How to improve CO2 monitoring in schools around the world

Learn about smart monitoring for safe and productive learning environments.


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This webinar covers:

  • Why CO₂ monitoring has been important in classrooms and schools
  • What approach different countries have taken in dealing with monitoring in schools
  • CO₂ monitoring strategies and legislations around the world 


Session Speaker
Introduction: CO₂ monitoring in the times of COVID-19 Martin McGloin
Head of Product, Airthings
VEOLIA Air Quality Solutions (AQS) in French schools Warda Aït-Helal, Air Quality Expert, VEOLIA
#CleanAirSchools campaign – helping local schools better understand what’s in the air they breathe John Lumb, Director, Evotech
Q&A with the speakers Everyone

Our speakers

Warda Ait-Helal - Headshot

Martin McGloin

Head of Product, Airthings for Business

Warda Ait-Helal - Headshot

Warda Aït-Helal

Air Quality Expert, VEOLIA


John Lumb

Director, Evotech

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