Let’s improve the office atmosphere (literally)

Air quality directly affects workplace motivation and satisfaction. So let’s go and clean up.


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Create an air quality strategy that works for your people

It’s time to put your colleagues before your building. Trust us, it’ll bring results.

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  • How modern technology allows us to monitor air quality in forensic detail
  • How cleaner air enables your team to become more mature and productive.
  • How you can demonstrate the business case through reduced absenteeism and increased ROI.

Here are just some of the benefits you can receive:


Improvement in decision-making scores.


Extra revenue per employee.


Drop in sick leave - or four days per year, per worker.

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“Air quality monitoring helps to create a better environment for the business by leveraging the air quality within your building -- workers are happier, think more clearly, and make better decisions.”Pål Berntsen, VP & GM Airthings HBS

Quick, clear and hassle-free

There’s no need to rip your building apart to improve your air quality. We’ll show you a much simpler way.