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Making healthy indoor air quality a priority

Join us to learn how to optimize energy usage in buildings and ensure healthy indoor spaces for all with data-driven insights into indoor air quality.

Buildings use about 40% of the global energy and can harbor high levels of harmful substances that are detrimental to our health and wellbeing. With data-driven insights into indoor air quality and building occupancy, we have a real opportunity to optimize energy usage in buildings and reduce unnecessary carbon emissions—while ensuring healthy indoor spaces for all.

As offices, schools, and businesses prepare to reopen, solutions that promote health and help reduce the spread of airborne viruses have never been so important. 



Airthings’ technology is already in use in buildings around the world but in this event, we will explore a use case closer to our home. Norwegian municipalities are at the forefront of embracing indoor air quality technology, making buildings smart, healthy, and sustainable. By attending this event, you will learn how these municipalities are taking advantage of Airthings’ technology to protect people’s health and reduce energy consumption. Join us!

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Sept 28, 2021




10:00-11:00 CEST

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Join the event to discover:


  • How to leverage indoor air quality data to improve health in schools, offices and commercial buildings 
  • The latest indoor air quality trends and how to get ahead of regulations 
  • How to make our buildings sustainable–old and new 
  • Case studies from Norwegian municipalities embracing indoor air quality technology 


Ready to understand what's in the air you breathe?

Learn how indoor air quality monitoring can help you make smarter decisions that save on energy usage.