Air Summit 2022

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Balancing health and energy efficiency in buildings.


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Air Summit 2021

This event covered:


  • How to balance health and energy efficiency in your buildings
  • How companies are saving 20%+ on energy bills using air quality sensors
  • How you can achieve your WELL certification
  • How optimizing your building's climate can keep your tenants healthier and happier
  • Case studies and best practices from our customers and leaders in the industry
  • Exclusive news from Airthings and much more!


Air Summit 2022 Wrap up



  Session Speaker
Øyvind-Birkenes-Airthings-Air Summit Welcome to the 2nd annual Air Summit! Øyvind Birkenes - CEO, Airthings
Joakim-Martin-Air Summit Measuring health and well-being in an adaptive workplace Eleftherios Zacharakis - Senior Associate EMEA Client Success, International WELL Building Institute
Eletherios-Zacharakis-IWBI-Air Summit Why we need an efficiency revolution William Cowell de Gruchy - CEO, Infogrid
William-Cowell-de-Gruchy-Infogrid-Air Summit How the energy crisis drives hybrid work in offices Felix Engel - Solution Sales Manager, Crem Solutions
Paul-Smissaert-Martijn-Teekens-IOT City Business-Air Summit Product updates - How Airthings can help you adapt to the energy crisis Joakim Lindh - Director of Technical Services, Airthings for Business
Martin McGloin - Head of Product for Airthings for Business
Mikael Floysand - Product Manager, Airthings for Business
Felix-Engel-CremSolutions-Air Summit Combined craftsmanship drives commercial momentum by IOT City Business, T-Mobile and Airthings Paul Smissaert - Founder, IOT City Business
Martijn Teekens - Director Sales B2B, T-Mobile Netherlands
Stefan-Myhre-Lindab-Air Summit App controlled, wireless ventilation Stefan Myhre Pettersen - Head of Sales, Lindab
Tommy-Hagenes-EnergyControl-Air Summit How to save energy in buildings using Proptech? Tommy Hagenes - CEO, Energy Control
Tommy-Hagenes-EnergyControl-Air Summit Optimizing and controlling HVAC of a hotel Tord Moe Laeskogen - Hotelowner and leader of Strategy and Innovation, Sundvolden Hotel
Hans-Laschefski-UL-Air Summit Human Centric Lighting – how to improve employee health by a nonvisual effect of light Dr. Hans Laschefski - Business Development Manager Lighting, UL
Tord-Moe-Laeskogen-Sundvolden Hotel-Air Summit The Cognitive Effects of the built environment Jonathan Brouse - Senior Product Manager for Abound, Health & Well-Being Offerings, Carrier
Jonathan-Brouse-Carrier-Air Summit Rethinking IAQ in the industrial hygiene world Sofia Rodriguez - Global Corporate Industrial Hygienist, Amazon
Sofia-Rodriguez-Amazon-Air Summit Breathe better. Think better. Arne Horvei - Tour Director, Play Magnus
aksel-lund-svindal-profile Fireside chat: Balancing health and energy efficiency in buildings Special guests including Aksel Lund Svindal


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